Becoming design-minded professionals and developing knowledge-sharing organizations.

Designers need to be better business professionals. Engineers need to be better customer developers. Managers need to understand design and experimenting methodologies.

This, paired with the new work and connectivity trends, illustrates that an investment in training for your workforce should go in the direction of polyvalence, high-performing competencies, and collaboration, while rebuilding the way your organization generates and shares knowledge.

Training courses

  • Modular proposal
  • Blended learning (online and face to face)
  • Battle-tested approach and methods
  • Compilation of learning experiences from international experience

Results: tailored sessions with theory, practice, and Q&A (with no "blah blah blah").

Compressed knowledge that works

Our interactive training sessions are a modular skill system to fit your employee's talent development needs.

All topics are crafted with a blended learning approach that combines online and face to face inputs from our experts in different parts of the world. Likewise, participation from anywhere with an internet connection is possible.

All theoretical and practical inputs are battle-tested with clients in various industries, teams, organizations and cultures.

Over the years, we have refined our knowledge faciliation and internalization into learning experiences that challenge comfort zones, change team behavior, and give way to fresh points of view.

Results you can expect from our collaboration are sessions tailored to your needs and requirements, innovation theory and hands-on practice, and all the Q&A we can take. And we have our motto for these sessions: we talk to humans, with no "blah-blah-blah".

Modular trainings & workshops

Problems discovery - [1 day]

What problems are worth solving? Learn human-centric innovation using the Design Thinking approach. You will get an introduction to important skills that anyone in your organization needs to have: understanding of a problem, clear project definition, exploration of ideas, building and visualizing solutions, and testing with customers for review and validation.

Solutions design - [1 day]

What are the right solutions? Learn the process of ideation, prototyping, and validation. Learn the difference between ideas, models, products, and solutions. Learn how to develop the designer in you and tackle open-ended challenges with a new framework based on creativity and experimentation.

Agile delivery - [1 day]

How to implement great solutions the right way? Agile management is not just a topic for the IT crew. Team productivity and value creation can be planned with a Minimum Viable Product approach. Learn how to define requirements, plan releases, manage sprints and establish roadmaps through shorter cycles of development while measuring progress.

Specialized Bootcamps

  • Deep dive into the methodologies used worldwide by startups and innovative nonprofit organizations
  • Assemble high-performing teams
  • Learn the diversity on innovation roles and how to manage them
  • Go beyond innovation buzzwords and apply knowledge

Results: boost your teams competencies in a tailored and hands-on approach.

Deep learning through immersive practice

Our bootcamps are just right for you if you already have some prior knowledge and seek to deepen your theoretical and practical understanding of many methods used in innovation.

Choose our deep dives, exploring the methodologies used worldwide by startups and innovative non-profit organizations to stay ahead of your peers and overcome uncertainty and ambiguity.

If you want to transform your workforce into high-perfoming and future-proof innovators, we'll show you how to assemble teams that excel based on diversity, innovation roles and an a learning by doing approach.

Our bootcamps are unsparingly honest and take you beyond buzzwords to a proper application of the knowlegde gathered.

Results you can expect form our collaboration are a boost to your teams innovation competencies, team morale, and a sharper value delivery understanding.

Advanced training ready to be applied

Customer Development - [3 days]

  • Mastering customer needs

Based on the Jobs-To-Be-Done theory, learn how to deconstruct your customer needs and expectations into its constituent parts in order to reinterpret them and build market intelligence. Discover segments of customers with unique sets of unmet needs, and disrupt the current status quo.

  • Challenge definition

The first step towards a great answer is to reframe the question. Learn how to frame and add meaning to the challenges that need to be solved, and how to clarify the impact you hope to have, while bringing a team together aligned on the strategic goals. Identify radical initiatives from the technical improvements in the early stages of your innovation process.

Business Design - [3 days]

  • Business modeling

At the intersection of a new radical idea and a viable business lies innovative business modeling. Learn how to work with the Business Model Canvas popularized by Strategyzer, and you will conceptualize operations, finances, and value propositions in one single page. A must-have skill to share understanding and align teams in a fast-changing environment.

  • Experiments and prototyping

Big strategies can be tested with small experiments. Learn the habits of running good experiments to validate your proposal's assumptions, and use rapid prototyping techniques to visualize your solution and learn fast from a customer point of view.

  • Value Proposition design

Products, Services, and Experiences... but what is value creation? Learn the how to design a value proposition from scratch, the different types (through real business cases analysis), and how to pitch them enhancing your business model presentation.

Scaling Agile [3 days]

  • Product ownership

Each agile team has a single product owner who has the vision of what needs to be build for the customer. Learn how to define acceptance criteria, manage a backlog of tasks, prioritize, and incorporate feedback to optimize the value delivery of the team

  • Agile facilitation

Learn how to support an agile team, how to monitor progress, and how to conduct the necessary meetings to mantain engangement, constant delivery, and speed. Remove impediments, improve productivity of your team, and provide the right artifacts for effective collaboration and communication.

  • Large scale scrum

Product development at scale reducing management complexity in large organizations and maximizing focus. Learn how to put several teams to work together on the development of one compeling customer-centric solution, through multi-team planning, sprint, and review.

Build your learning hub

  • Advice and design of tailored learning paths for your organization
  • Develop learning agility within your projects and teams
  • Evolve your organization's work culture identifying and serving the right knowledge needs coming from your teams
  • Build communities of practice and nurture knowledge sharing

Results: build a learning hub and become a future-proof organization

Create your learning path to innovation... and beyond

Do you want to educate your employees in using the innovation skillset and provide them with a personalized, culture-fitted learning experience that goes beyond the standards? We're excited to tailor empowering learning paths for your organization.

A well-designed learning hub will serve competencies within your projects and teams which in turn evolves your organization's work culture identifying and serving the right knowledge needs stemming from your teams.

You will build strong, participatory communities of practice and nurture knowledge sharing beyond departmental silos and organizational ranks.

Results you can expect from our collaboration are a learning hub built to train people in handling uncertainty and ambiguity surrounding your company, fast but grounded decision-making, and the first steps towards becoming a future-proof organization: well-prepared, motivated, more self-suficient employees.