Innovation PROGRAMS

Navigate through uncertainty and accomplish your goals. Spread innovation from within.

Design-minded professionals connect ideas, methods, the world and its people, while collaboration and sustainability have become the new normal to be successful. Yet, training is often time-demanding and self-learninig can be challenging, even intimidating, when faced with an ocean of knowledge and options to choose from the vast domain of innovation.

Since time is of the essence, RIZOM proposes tailored programs for your project goals while empowering your teams so that you can save them time while looking for the right training and avoid the risk of a frustrating implementation in their day-to-day work.

Innovation Triathlons

+1 month

  • Apply knowledge from world-class innovation sources
  • Frame problems as well-defined challenges
  • Explore different methods to ideate, prototype, and test solutions
  • Use agile methodologies for faster execution

Results: sharper focus, team empowerment, and accelerated development.

You need innovation "triathletes" in your team

Inspired by the Google Venture's Design Sprints, we rather propose innovation "triathlons": a tri-track style of programs, integrating the three fields of knowledge and practice that any design-minded professional needs to be good at.

The three tracks for triathletes are:

  • Discover customer needs and formulate the right problems,
  • Design the right solutions and experiment before you build them,
  • Deliver value the right way, such as in shippable product increments.

We train you to apply knowledge from world-class innovation playbooks which have been successfully applied to for-profit and non-profit contexts, all while working on your current or future projects. Framing problems as well-defined challenges enables your teams to uncover and approach uncertainty without the bias of everyone's favorite solution.

With this solution-agnostic starting point, we facilitate the design phase through exploration of various methods to ideate, prototype, and test your human-centric solutions.

Once your solutions are client-validated, your teams are empowered to use agile methodologies for faster value delivery, collaborative teamwork and precise project execution.

Key results you can expect from our collaboration are sharper focus on purpose, team empowerment and accelerated development of products, services and business models.

Quick Assessments

2-3 days

  • Assessment of strategic alignment, resource allocation, and business portfolio
  • Team empowerment level, access to resources, and incentive system for innovation
  • Tools, processes, and skills development
  • Culture style and leading metrics

Results: identification of gaps and recommendations to move forward.

The right place to start right away

Give us a couple analytical and insightful days to assess your purpose, culture, strategy and business portfolio. Our business designers apply their knowledge about innovation leveraging blockers and enablers to your organizational context.

From here, we're able to provide your personalized report to get innovation started in the most valuable way for your teams and in the right way for your work culture.

Some of the innovation-related things we check through our assessments are:

  • strategic alignment
  • resource allocation
  • business portfolio
  • team empowerment level
  • access to resources
  • incentive system for innovation
  • tools, processes and skills development
  • culture style and leading metrics.

Key results you can expect from our collaboration are identification of innovation gaps and concrete recommendations to spark sustainable change.

Strategic Facilitation

1-5 days

  • Engage multiple perspectives and build understanding
  • Frame issues and shape choices around future possibilities
  • Propel strategic conversations forward and make decisions
  • Make it an experience for the participants

Results: reduce risks, extract value, and uplift motivation for the next steps.

Strategic Conversations as a Service

A considerable number of really important strategic conversations happen in very long meetings, where decisions are taken in favor of lengthy speeches and not based on true merit for their potential. We advocate new types of meetings which cut off this waste and yield high value in a short time span.

We facilitate strategic conversations which engage multiple perspectives and build understanding by really listening and actively participating. Our focus lies on the framing of issues and choices around future possibilities with highest impact and shortest time-to-market.

Our approach propels strategic conversations forward and makes taking decisions more collaborative, transparent and customer-data-driven by using design, inclusive, and creative methods.

For perfect delivery, we will make sure that this format is a great experience for all participants which fits your organizational culture.

Key results you can expect from our collaboration are reduced risks of non-integrated strategy, value extraction from the smart people in your team, and boosted motivation for the next steps towards innovations that matters.