Products and Services your customers will love.

As a corporate manager or innovation enthusiast you know that organizations all over the world face complex, ever-changing environments.

The future-proof organization needs to adapt to these rapidly changing demands by being able to react fast, address the important problems, and offer solutions to the right customer segments.

Product Development

+3 months

  • Customer needs research
  • Idea prioritization
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Minimum Viable Products and Services

Results: new digital solutions, new business models, new service blueprints.

We've got your business covered!

We've got you covered in the realms of analog or digital products and services for your customers. We also support the development of business models and future value propositions. Our process is really close to your customer and under the premise of your success criteria.

We plan, organize and conduct customer needs research within your existing and future market segments and crystallize the opportunity areas worth serving.

Experience shows us the power of co-creation in diverse teams to develop ideas and prioritize them for proper problem-solution fit. High impact and time-to-market are key factors for value-driven, lean innovation.

Rapid prototyping is our method of choice when it comes to testing an idea´s potential, fast and directly with the people who use it. We build analog, digital, and conceptual prototypes with lots of love and dedication for you and your customers.

Once your solution models have been tested and validated, we support you with the delivery of Minimum Viable Products that have potential to scale big. And we love to see the hockey stick curve rise!

Key results you can expect from our collaboration are: new digital solutions, new business models or new service blueprints validated directly by customer demand.

How do we do it?

We kick-start new product and service development at its core: by understanding your customers' desired outcomes and finding the opportunity market according to jobs-to-be-done and outcome-driven innovation theories. Because job-related customer needs are stable over time, you will be able to implement your solutions for long-term success.

Once we helped you identify problems worth solving, we develop and prioritize ideas which promise high impact in the best time-to-market. For this we conduct validation design experiments directly with your current or future customer base.

With your model hypotheses validated, the most valuable way to achieve product-market-fit is to build, measure and learn with rapid prototypes to confirm or disprove features or approaches of ideated solutions.

Following the Lean Startup framework, this gives way to your Minimum Viable Product or Service that customers are willing to pay for. This last gate to innovation will open your business to accelerating your customer traction and accomplishing your goals with less risk and higher impact.

Portfolio Management

6 months

  • Success metrics definition
  • Opportunity segments evaluation
  • Idea crowdsourcing
  • Business models validation and multiple pitches

Results: portfolio of new business models, improved innovation strategy.

Investment readiness, that's what counts

After the analysis for products and services in your portfolio, we can support you in incubating, accelerating and scaling business ideas to stay competitive.

Based on Steve Blank's Investment Readiness Level (IRL), we support you in defining your success metrics to combine a desireable portfolio in the most promising areas for your organization.

With a now clearer goal ahead, we evaluate opportunities through customer-centered approaches. This will ensure long-lasting impact serving your customer's desired outcomes from day one.

The one-billion-dollar idea can come from anywhere in your organization, be it customers, employees, or collaborators. That's why we propose to also harness the wisdom of the crowd from everywhere possible in order to define unique design challenges.

At the end of this process we elaborate which validated business models have the greatest potential and how to integrate them as an innovation portfolio.

Key results you can expect from our collaboration are improved portfolio management and a robust innovation strategy that captures greater value.

Our process in detail

For a clear, sharp focus on what wow´s and what works, we usually suggest to define your success metrics of your portfolio paired with your current or new customer segments.

As areas of opportunity are distilled this way, we continue with a thorough evaluation of your (emerging) opportunity areas based on your customer's desired outcomes, levels of importance and satisfaction, business model context and externalities.

We will exercise stewardship of teams through the funnel of innovation, providing them with specific knowledge and methods so that they take their business ideas into the next validated stage.

Using business modeling and expert evaluation we rank your solutions for the best possible success in the shortest time-to-market.

Dedicated Intrapreneur

+9 months

  • Full dedicated business designer from 1 to 4 days per week
  • Team performance acceleration
  • Customer development
  • Product-Market fit

Results: scalable business model, roadmap, and product launch.

Team spirit and high-performance

We join your teams between 1 to 4 full days per week as we provide, train, and apply innovation frameworks and entrepreneurial methods in-house.

Given our past experience with startup bootcamps, the design thinking approach, and the lean entrepreneurship mindset, we facilitate creative change in an environment of trust.

The most valuable internal improvement is a boost in team spirit and performance as we design products and services.

Be it new or existing solutions, we intentionally address the probably most underestimated discipline in innovation: customer development. While a new, innovative product or service may be the most disruptive and ingenious solution to a problem, it all falls to pieces if there is no customer interested in paying for it.

Our aim is ensuring a coherent product-market fit coupled with a data-driven plan to accelerate your business model and boost your employee's capacity who have the necessary knowledge and tools to complete your innovation mission.